501 (c) (3) NonProfit


501 (c) (3) NonProfit

About the Savior Foundation

The Savior Foundation is a non-profit organization created in Memphis, TN by community members who are animal advocates and humanitarians. 

One of the members and founders rescued Savior from a life of suffering and pain. 

Savior’s story inspired a group of community members who volunteer their time and effort to organize and work towards preventing animal cruelty and suffering. 

The Savior Foundation team of volunteers consists of local students, corporate professionals, and a city employee. Each volunteer works/studies full-time yet dedicates their personal time to support animal welfare and prevent animal cruelty. All volunteers have their own animals and often personally provide financial and emotional support for injured, abused, and abandoned animals in the local community.
As animal abuse problems have risen in Memphis, the need for financial support and community awareness has become critical in the struggle for animal welfare. The Savior Foundation was formed based on the vision of helping animals in need in emergency situations and also works with other organizations. The Savior Foundation provides the opportunity for the community to be part of the vision and solution.

Thank You!

The Savior Foundation appreciates all your support. Thank you!

Contact us by email: info@thesaviorfoundtion.org 
or Snail Mail:
The Savior Foundation
P.O. Box 770603
Memphis, TN 38177- 0603

Here is also a link to an interview with our founder:  Life of Sir Mac and Lady Alley: Interview with Mario Chiozza ...
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